(Hoy-tay cho-nee na) (“The first language”) A friendly gathering of language learning participants who seek to preserve and revitalize the HoChunk language. As a division under the HoChunk Renaissance program, the Experience includes a pathway to HoChunk language learning thru immersion-friendly activities, classroom lecture, and interactive engagement.

As a stepping stone in language development, the participants will learn to read and write the HoChunk language, but more importantly, to begin speaking our sacred language. The Experience will provide incentives during its nine-week course covering the Novice-Low curriculum, which may include topics of the name, age, where you live, and the six question types: what, who, where, when, yes/no, and either/or.

Supportive materials and resources will be given during each session and courses will run periodically during the annual year. We are now seeking participants to begin the Experience of learning the first language of our proud HoChunk people.