Our language preservation materials are a compilation of a variety of many fluent speakers and language teachers from the last 40+ years. Many speakers had different interpretations of how the language was taught to them. Some differences depended on regions of where the speaker and their family came from. It is our intent at HoChunk Renaissance to capture all various forms of how our sacred language was used from all speakers.

The HoChunk Renaissance program would like to acknowledge all of the speakers, educators, story tellers, historians and elders who have contributed to the preservation and revitalization of our language. We would also like to acknowledge staff members past and present for their invaluable contributions to the development.

In memory….

Delmar Free – Cāšją xųnųįk- Little wave

Stanford Whitewater Sr.- Cāxšep- Eagle

Virgil Free- Wapakąnąk mānį- Walks Clever

Barry Blackhawk- Mą̄xi ska- White Cloud

Lois Cleveland- Mōraje- Travels the earth

LaVonne “Beebe” White- Cōnį mą̄nįga- Walks first

Vivian Painter- Hakja guwį- a bear coming

Harold Cleveland Sr.- Mą̄’ak honį̄ňe- They hunt him on the other side

Warner Earth- Cōra gu- Coming of the green

Morgan Earth- Wakjexi ska- White water spirit

Elizabeth Houghton -Hinųk īneki – Single woman

Helene Lincoln- Hinųk Mą̄xi- Female cloud

Zena Tebo Reeves- Šų̄kjąk cōnį- Leading Wolf

Margaret “Marti” Thomas Harrison- Šų̄kjąk pį̄- Pretty Wolf

Dr. Charles “Chuck” Kingswan- TTnl A Kai j ler- Ją̄p hagaiyapes- Where the lightning forks

Francis “Frenchie” Frenchman- Hū jōp- Four Legged

Matthew Pilcher – Cašja xete – Big Wave