Hochunk vocab builder

Build your HoChunk FREE vocabulary game for your phone or tablet. Quiz yourself every day to learn different categories – wild animals, food, drinks, and more! The app includes:

  • 25 culturally-relevant categories designed by HoChunk speakers
  • More than 300 words and phrases!
  • Audio pronunciation and visual aid for each word in the category
  • Quiz yourself by matching English words to HoChunk words, and vice versa
  • Progress through levels to unlock new words
  • Track your progress and review words you’ve learned by category or activity

Whether you are learning on your own or taking a beginner’s HoChunk class, HoChunk Vocab Builder will help build your confidence in using new HoChunk words!

Designed for learning that is memorable and fun! Each word you match correctly increases your score, and each level you finish unlocks a new one! Words that are not matched correctly are repeated until you master them. This repetition method is an effective learning strategy.

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