HoChunk Language Academy

A HoChunk Renaissance Project

Hōcąk Language Academy –Dual language classroom

Hōcąk Language Academy will strive to provide quality education through the medium of the Hōcąk language. We strive to offer curriculum through educational approaches that are consistent with what our ancestors did and are in line with the current research on education and language acquisition. The Hōcąk Language Academy (HLA) provides opportunities for students to develop and thrive in both English and in Hōcąk. Teachers and students work together to fulfill our school’s vision, mission and core values.

Key components to our program include:

  • A commitment between the student, teacher, family and school community to learn preserve and promote the Hōcąk language.
  • Kindergarten through Grade 2 classrooms will increase the ratio of Hōcąk to English spoken each year as follows: K – 10:90, 1st – 50:50, 2nd – 70:30.

Parent Commitment:

Student success depends heavily on family involvement. Parents must believe in and commit to the Hōcąk Language Academy values.

We strongly encourage parents to:

  • Have students come to school on time daily prepared to learn.
  • Use your child’s Hōcąk name.
  • Communicate with the teacher(s) & school
  • Read and sign any papers, slips and notices and return them to school
  • Support your child with homework
  • Have Native American books and a Hōcąk dictionary readily available at home
  • Participate in field trips, meetings, activities, and fundraisers
  • Take Hōcąk language classes and learn along with your child.
    • HoChunk Renaissance “Hoit’e Coni na” Community Classes are arranged periodically – LEARN MORE
  • Connect with other HLA families

HoChunk Language Academy

Comprehensive Curriculum Model

  • Seasonal Based curriculum wheel
  • In conjunction with Nebraska State Standards
  • ACTFL Novice Low & Mid
  • Seasons & Months
  • HoChunk Values
  • Character building
  • Notable HoChunk figures
  • Cultural activities & events