HoChunk Renaissance Website Growth & Mission

Ho-Chunk Renaissance has been working on creating their own Language-based website since Fall 2021 with the mission to “Revitalize HoChunk language”.  

Many behind the scenes hands have been involved in getting the website to where it is currently, the team has experienced minor setbacks along the way such as the former website having extensive coding & bug errors which then resulted in hiring Blue Earth Marketing, an advertising & marketing team, coming into the picture to help create a new platform. Since the new website was created Christina Parker, Media and Design Specialist, has worked with Blue Earth Marketing to add content to the website overtime. Lewis St. Cyr, Program Director, & Christina parker shared a goal in mind to have daily content added in the future development of the website. 

More plans to expand the website are in mind, the goal of this article is to notify the public of their mission and what goals are being worked towards. Currently The HoChunk Renaissance department receives different types of requests from other programs such as how to pronounce words, spell, or work with classes to teach various cultural practices. With the growth of the website the team hopes to have this “One-stop” hub for all types of tools to continue to learn about The HoChunk Language. Lewis expressed his efforts in getting the website to be in a place where the website is a strong digital resource to build relationships with online language classrooms as well as the HoChunk people.  

In conclusion, HoChunk Renaissance has multiple avenues that utilize technology that are being grown by bringing technology & language together thru this website. Downloadable content, children’s learning games, language history, videos/audio clips, and images teaching language are just a few current tools accessible on their website, hochunklanguage.com that continues to grow toward their mission in revitalizing the HoChunk Language.  

For more information & updates about HoChunk Renaissance please visit their website: Hochunklanguage.com and Facebook page listed under HoChunk Renaissance.  

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