The mission of the HoChunk Renaissance program is to revitalize the HoChunk language and strengthen the HoChunk (Winnebago) way of life. The HoChunk Renaissance language program is an Winnebago tribal organizaton dedicated to providing services to tribal members that will ensure opportunities to learn the HoChunk language and enrich our cultural heritage. Through this program, the language and culture of the Winnebago tribe is also preserved and protected.

Throughout our 16 year existence, we have hosted numerous language classes, provided daily classes at all educational facilities on the reservation (including collegiate and pre-school levels), summer culture camps, language and culture presentations to visitors, workshops, community events, provided language translations, HoChunk ethnobotany classes, HoChunk arts & crafts, song & dance, and importantly, our Eminent Speaker-Apprentice program. Our Eminent speaker-Apprentice program is currently developing our next generational speakers as it is their obligation to become a fluent speaker in our language.